sailing into Tehuamixtle bay

Tehuamixtle is a favorite place to stop on a run up the coast, heading to Puerto Vallarta, or coming from Vallarta. A beautiful little bay, safe anchorage, gentle beach, and three restaurants with fresh seafood and cold cerveza. Boaters and others have discovered this sweet spot on the Costalegre. A real gem only 45 miles southwest of Puerto Vallarta.


Tehuamixtle is about seafood... and fish stories

Tehua Bay is beautiful, it has always reminded us of parts of the Italian coast. Tehuamixtle is so laid back that it is hard to leave. Fish, fish, and oysters, lobster, cold beer, take a swim on a great beach, and you are ready for a siesta or get a room. This is part of the Costalegre in the state of Jalisco, south of Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Amazing to discover.


Tehuamixtle untouched by hurricane...

Everything is good and Tehuamixtle remains as beautiful as ever. Fortunately the storm made landfall well south and there was no impact from Hurricane Patricia.


a very special place to experience... Tehuamixtle

Tehuamixtle is a place one hopes to find. A sleepy little fishing village surrounded by terrain that makes you think you may be on the Italian coast. Eating amazing seafood, barefoot in a palapa restaurant, looking out over fishing boats and an occasional sailboat in the bay, is not to be missed.
This amazing place is only a couple of hours drive southwest of Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Some of the best undiscovered beaches in Mexico are here!


Tehua bay on the Costalegre of Mexico

The bay at Tehuamixtle is not to be missed. On the costalegre in the state of Jalisco Mexico, Tehua is a little jewel. When we first discovered it, we were reminded of the Italian coast. Famous for it's oysters, and fresh fish, you want to spend enough time to have lunch at one of the three casual restaurants on the beach. Tehuamixtle is located approximately two hours south of  Puerto Vallarta.


spectacular sunrise over Tehuamixtle

This is one of our favorite photos and a signature image for Chachalaka. First light across the water on the fishing village of Tehuamixtle and Tehua Bay is simply amazing. With a cup of coffee on the beach... it is paradise. This paradise is only a two hour scenic drive from Puerto Vallarta.


9 reasons we like tehuamixtle... and counting

A little further south of Puerto Vallarta than the usual tourist destinations is one of our favorite places. Tehua Bay and Tehuamixtle. It is a peaceful little fishing village right out of a storybook. For those willing to make the drive, about two hours south of Vallarta, you will be glad you did. That is, if you like fresh oysters, lobster and fish, served in a place that is so peaceful you will not want to leave.


locally sourced... seafood for foodies

Tehuamixtle is where we go for seafood. Tehua is known for their oysters and the waters are rich with lobster, pulpo, and a variety of fish. We are fortunate to have discovered this amazing place on the Costalegre of Mexico.


the undiscovered costalegre... Tehuamixtle

Discovering the Costalegre south of Puerto Vallarta. Less than a two hour drive is the picturesque fishing village of Tehuamixtle. It reminds us of something you might find along the Italian coast with it's dramatic topography surrounding the bay.
An afternoon lunch under the Palapa at Cande's restaurant is memorable both for the view and the food. You will not want to leave. Tehua is about seafood, and fishing... so expect some fresh fish.


picture perfect... the fishing village of Tehuamixtle

A picture perfect setting on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Tehuamixtle is one of those places that you dream about, picturesque and laid back, a gentle beach in a little bay ringed with fishing boats. Pull up a chair at one of the palapa beach restaurants and you will not want to leave.


Tehuamixtle... one of Mexico's secret places

Less than two hours south of Puerto Vallarta is the little fishing village of Tehuamixtle. Tehua Bay is the kind of place that captures your imagination. Post card perfect and warm friendly people. Dress casual.


a fish story.... from Tehuamixtle

Catch of the day! This is the time to fish the waters around Tehuamixtle. From the beach or from the boat, depending on your sport.
Nothing like fresh fish cooked the way you like it. You cook it or let someone cook it for you!


summer lunch.... tehua style

Summer is here and there is nothing like a lazy afternoon and a long lunch with your feet in the sand. Tehuamixtle is the perfect place to do that. Ice cold cerveza, or a chilled wine paired with seafood tostadas was just what we had in mind. Summer lunch Tehua style!


for fish it's Tehuamixtle... south of Puerto Vallarta

Tehuamixtle is less than a two hour drive south of Puerto Vallarta. It is a tranquil little fishing village in a postcard setting. It is also the place for fish and fishing.

Hire a panga and your guide will take you to the hot spots for fishing. Or just hangout at one of the beachfront restaurants and enjoy the catch of the day.


a place not yet made ordinary by tourism... Tehua

Fish, fresh seafood, and a beautiful beach... less than two hours south of Puerto Vallarta. Tehuamixtle is a place not yet made ordinary by tourism.
Tehua Bay is a post card setting of fishing boats, a gentle sandy beach, and dramatic surrounding landscape. A place to discover - for those who don't follow the crowds.


cruising the Jalisco coast

Boaters cruising the Pacific coast of Mexico along the state of Jalisco know Tehuamixtle provides a safe place to anchor. It is the only spot south of Puerto Vallarta before the bay of Chamela
Tehua is a great place to spend a night or two. Calm waters and a gentle sandy beach make a great spot for swimming, snorkeling or diving around the old Spanish anchor. There are supplies and plenty of cold cervezas.


south of Vallarta...discover Tehuamixtle

Tehuamixtle is famous for it's fresh seafood. It is a small fishing village tucked in a sweet sheltered bay, where the locals still make their living fishing. You will feel like you have stepped back in time when you drive down it's cobbled street to waters edge. If you happen to be there in the early morning, you will witness a spectacular sunrise over the mountains and see the fishermen starting their day.

Sampling fresh sucked oysters, washed down with a cold beer is a good way to start your day at Tehua. You can stroll down the beach and find a quiet, private spot and just hang out, the beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling with it's gentle sandy entry. 

When it is time to eat, you can choose from three restaurants at waters edge. Or take some fish home.


A view of Tehuamixtle from across Tehua Bay

This view is looking across the bay at the fishing village of Tehuamixtle. This is our favorite place to hang out and relax. The sheltered bay is ideal for swimming and you can always get some fresh seafood.


...warm waters and good fishing

Summertime brings warm waters and fishing is usually very good around Tehuamixtle. This boat is out at the end of the day fishing for bait. Summer is a good time to enjoy Tehua, less people and always fish.


Tehua is getting a new church

A new church for Tehuamixtle. Everyone is excited about the new church building in Tehua. We all have donated more than once for the construction costs. It seems everywhere you go someone is collecting. It will be nice when finished and the pride of the community.


A panga ride as the sun is setting

It is Cinco de Mayo and another great day in Tehua. Our party continued with a panga ride as the sun was setting.


Easy drive to Tehuamixtle

The road surfacing project is in full swing, with the last sections now being worked on. This was a rough one lane track not long ago. In a year this should all be done and the drive from Puerto Vallarta should be about an hour and a half. Everyone knows that this will be the beginning of more visitors to the area.


Fresh Tehua fish on the grill

We purchased a bunch of fish from Tehua for a big fish grill at Rinconcito on Mayto Beach. Fernando did the cooking for about 30 people, and everyone wanted seconds. A trip to the Mayto area is not complete without a stop in Tehuamixtle for some fresh fish.


Always welcome at Tehua

You will always get a warm greeting when you visit Tehuamixtle. Besides the beautiful setting, the beach and the seafood, the people will make your visit special. Everybody is family, and they all pitch in to help.


Tehuamixtle has a long history

Tehuamixtle dates back to the Spanish. The Spanish used Tehua Bay to load their ships that sailed the coast and shipped whatever they could back to Spain. The remains of a "bodega" warehouse can be seen at the far end of Tehua Bay above the beach.


Sailing to Tehuamixtle

A sail to Tehua from Puerto Vallarta will put you there in time for a lunch of oysters and fresh fish for a hungry and thirsty crew. Just give a signal and a panga will come over and bring you ashore once you have set the hook. You have a choice of three casual palapa style restaurants to choose from.


Aerial view of Tehua Bay

This birds eye view of Tehuamixtle and the bay help you visualize the setting of this special place. Tehua Bay is protected by a large headland and surrounded by high banks above the community. Just northwest on the other side of Tehua is a rock beach known as pirates cove. You can walk to Lover's Beach and Mayto Beach from there.


Surf fishing in the summer!

Tehuamixtle is the place to hire a panga and head out for some great fishing. Summer is the time for some of the best fishing. The warm waters bring a lot of fish into the area around Tehua. It is also an excellent time for surfcasting from the nearby beaches of Mayto and Villa del Mar.


Anchoring at Tehua Bay

This past winter more boaters have discovered the bay at Tehuamixtle. Tehua Bay provides an ideal anchorage for boaters making passage along the coast or just making Tehuamixtle their destination. A night or two in Tehua is a perfect stop.


Late afternoon ride on Tehua Bay

Late afternoon is a great time to tour Tehua Bay by Panga. We hired Antonio "Tony" who is a master skipper, diver, and fisherman to take us out for a couple of hours. It is fun to see everything from the water and it gives you a sense of the shoreline around the area.


Sampling oysters from Tehua Bay

A cold cerveza and fresh oyster served to you from the pier at Tehuamixtle. Now, that is service. Life is still very laid back in Tehua, a bonus for the lucky ones who venture here from the usual crowed tourist areas. We also like the beach, it is gentle and the water is clear. Perfect for swimming.


A good day at Tehua Bay

The bay at Tehuamixtle has the best beach in the area. Perfect for any activity. You can always try your hand at fishing or just walk the beach.


Discovering Tehuamixtle Mexico

Less than a two hour drive south of Puerto Vallarta, lies another world of endless beaches and coastline. Tehuamixtle is being discovered, and now is a great time to visit this paradise. A small lodging project may be starting sometime soon, providing the perfect getaway from the more crowded and over-developed areas. Information will be posted on this blog.


Manta Ray in Tehua Bay

Tehua Bay is rich with marine life. You can frequently spot Manta Rays in the clear waters of the Bay. Tehuamixtle is a great place to visit for fishing, diving, swimming and snorkeling.


Stay thirsty my friends

We love this tag line from a commercial for cerveza. It says it all and there is nothing like a cold cerveza on a hot afternoon at the beach at Tehuamixtle. Visit Tehua Bay... and "Stay Thirsty my Friends".


Surf fishing beaches near Tehua

Surf fishing the nearby Mayto beach is great sport for those who have discovered this area. The summer months are always the best for fishing and some record size fish have been caught in these waters. If you don't want to surf fish, you can hire a panga and fish from a boat. At the end of the day there is nothing like a cold cerveza and fresh grilled fish.